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Travelling with Copaxone

Just a quick question—I am travelling to Greece next week, first time taking Copaxone with me. I wanted to check what people do about keeping their Copaxone at a reasonable temperature? I read that once it gets to room temp you can't re-refrigerate but my MS nurse suggested with the Greek climate I should pop the syringes in the fridge on arrival. Pretty sure by that point they will be beyond room temperature even with some expert arranging around cool packs! Any tips? Thanks in advance

No idea but I'll be following this post as I'm traveling to Australia next month. I was told it could stay at room temperature for up to something like 20 days? I haven't heard that you can't refrigerate after it's at room temperature. I need to call the drug company & see what they recommend. If I remember to do that, I will post what they say here.


If your room doesn't have a refrigerator the hotel can keep it in theirs. I stayed at a Marriott that didn't have refrigerators in the room. I took my Rebif up to the desk and told them what I needed and how much the medicine cost. They had a refrigerator in my room before I could walk back to it. Potter