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Horners? Anyone?

Went to the optician last year after having vision problems, he referred me via my Dr to eye clinic. On pushing him for an explanation of my Ptosis dropping eyelid and small pupil he said Hornets,he knew I was under investigation for multiple sclerosis.by the time I got to see someone it was no longer there. I have had 3 visits and no further on. Due to go again in a few weeks. My son took a photo of me at the weekend, my face it not look normal,whole left side dropping like I had a stroke or something. Going to take it with me. What I want follow is has anyone else had this? I also have double vision,blurred vision, am unable to focus at times and a squint that has gone from going inwards to outwards. At last visit I was tested for Myastravia gravis, it came back negative.