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Insurance claim

Hi all, Sorry to lower the tone talking money. Just wondering if anyone has had any success appealing a refused insurance payout? They havnt said a definite no yet but have told me it will most likely be denied on the grounds of 'non disclosure' I intend to appeal but wondering if anyone has gone through a similar process? Thanks

@beky , I've not been through this personally, but insurance companies are pretty clued up on these situations. If you had any symptoms of an unexplained, undiagnosed condition, necessitating a visit to the Doctors, they will see this as non-disclosure. You'll have to wait and see and when you get their decision, then decide your next step.


I expected some resistance but wasnt expecting these grounds specifically. I was only diagnosed last year but took the policy out initially in 2012 and then updated in 2014 - so its 2014 they are going from. I was asked the standard questions, any numbness, pins and needles - i answered no. But last year i told my neuro verbally (after being asked to rack my brains) that I had experienced some altered sensation in 1 leg and felt hot/cold sensations, it lasted about a week and i estimated it was probably as far back as 5 years ago (in honesty i can't renember when it was) there is no record of this since i never reported it to my GP as it went away after a week or so. So the only record of this incident is my own recollection. But the GP has told the insurance of this incident and they are saying they would never have covered me had they have known. But 1. It may have happened after the policy - i cant remember 2. I didnt with hold it, i just didnt remember and 3. They didnt specifically ask me about 'altered sensation' I suspect they will refuse it and i will have to appeal