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Endurance vs. Strength Training activiti

Hi all, While I'm trying to stay active by exercise/yoga, I do fine strength training (both upper and lower body workouts). But do poorly in cardio/endurance activities which I really need. Walking for more than 25-30 minutes is a challenge. Toward the end, I find it difficult to catch myself with foot forward resulting in a front falling gait. Looks like inner thigh muscles are giving up on me during such activities after a while. Cannot run with confidence for more than 1/4-1/2 mile. Was wondering why effects on endurance activities are much more pronounced. Also, if there's specific advice for building a more endurance ? Thanks.

@arknat , I have no idea of your age, so the following may be inappropriate. But, we have to live within our capabilities. As we age, those capabilities will reduce. That's a fact of life. MS just adds another aspect to the equation. Try and better yourself by all means, but do it gradually. Otherwise, be grateful for what you can do. :wink:


@stumbler, thanks for your response. I'm in the mid-forties. Although not young, this is MS rather than age related imo. When I was diagnosed with MS with ON as the first symptom about 3 years ago, I used to be quite active ... running between 6 and 8 miles. Even during the time of ON and double vision I was a regular runner. Things then started going south slowly affecting my feet starting with a foot drop. Now I'm trying to walk without issues for at least 1/2 hour :(