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Opinions welcome...PLEASE!!!

Hi everyone..I need your help / advice please...loooong story so please bare with me. I have been experiencing severe tingling on my left side especially worse in my leg and arm...no facial tingling and no weakness whatsover. Oh yes and a little bit on my right leg for the last year and four months. It has definately worsened from where it first started. I have been discharged from hospital today after spending 3 days in hospital. My neuro performed a spinal tap which was clear, did all possible blood tests and no abormalities. A nerve conduction test was done today and was found to be normal. Earlier this year, january I went for an MRI of the brain and no visible lesions. April my neuro odered another MRI of the brain and spine and this time with contrast yet again no visible lesions. My only symptoms really is tingling and sometimes hot and cold sensations like I have said i have never experienced weakness or any facial symptoms...can this be the beginning of MS...the not knowing is driving me crazy. My neuro has done all he can, what is my next step...wait and see what happens next? Is it now just a waiting game? I would also just like to mention for what it is worth...my tingling will go away for a minute back the next minute (it comes and goes the whole day) every day for 3 weeks of the month. If I am lucky it subsides or completely goes away for almost a week but this month i was only symptom free for 3 days...Your opinions will be appreciated as I have been over thinking and seriously dont know what to make out of my situation. Thank you for reading my story :-)