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I had a chiropractor appointment today for my back spasms. Seems I may have yet another neurological symptom... does anyone know much about nystagmus? I guess basically it means that when tracking an object right and left without moving my head, my left eye is jerking around and not tracking with my right eye. Does anyone else have this issue? I had blood drawn this morning to check my thyroid numbers again. I'm supposed to schedule a follow up appointment with my doctor when the results are in, and she'll talk about my heat intollerance. I think I should bring up the nystagmus at the same time. I just want answers. There is obviously something neurologically wrong with me. If it's not MS, then it's something else. I just need to put all the pieces together.

@sugargliderz , here's a short piece about Nystagmus :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/nystagmus Your desire for answers is understandable. Your Doctor seems to want to address each symptom in isolation, without trying to see the bigger picture. You only see the true picture, when you collate all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle! You need to summarise your symptom diary into a short, concise list and demand an explanation. Sometimes, you have to be assertive, but always be polite. You need a Neurologist to put the pieces of your personal jigsaw together. Potentially, an MS Specialist, who will request MRI scans of the your brain and spine to see what is going on.


@Stumbler, you have hit the nail on the head. I have all of the pieces, and I <think> I know how they fit together, but the doctors refuse to look at them all together. Insisting, instead, on looking at each piece as an individual picture. My doctor's office schedules appointments to address ONE issue. Don't get me wrong, I have a good doctor (I've had a few duds). But she is being told by management and the insurance companies to only treat one issue per appointment. I have a diary of sorts with dates going back to 2014 (when the neuropathy in my legs and the heat intolerance started). I guess I should edit it (to make it more concise) and take it with me at the next appointment. I worry though that if <I> suggest that all the pieces fit together, rather than a doctor suggesting that they are pieces to a puzzle, that the medical community as a whole is going to be convinced that I'm a hypochondriac or that I rely too heavily on "Dr. Google." It's easier to advocate for someone else (I was my Grandmother's health care advocate until the day she died, and I advocated for my mom through her cancer treatment) than it is to advocate for myself. I guess that's something I just need to get over. I've seen two neurologists since 2014, but they wouldn't look at all the pieces either. One only looked into my headaches. The other looked into the neuropathy, but since I passed the nerve conduction study they didn't go any further. It's really discouraging. Thanks for "listening" to me ramble.