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Feeling blue

First time posting on here (or anywhere tbh) Newly diagnosed (3 months ish) and was feeling positive and strong but the last couple of weeks sadness and anger has just overwhelmed me. I know I can be positive and I can overcome this but I suppose I’m wondering if you guys had any tips or advise of anything that helped during the initial stages of diagnosis?

@sophs23 sorry to hear of your diagnosis. What you are going through is pretty common when you are diagnosed people seem to go through this grieving system that has 5 stages denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance I wrote a post about it from my blog and how it is often an untreated symptom of MS. Which is why I started my blog to help and support MS patients that need it! It’s also why I have started my diploma in psychology and counselling. As for advice everyone has the own little focus that help them through though times a common one is music like mine was. Try to find your focus that one thing that make your mind just drift away and takes your mind away from everything and use that when you feel like everything is getting to much.


Hello @sophs 23,sorry you’re where you are, but glad you found Shift. As above, one can expect to go through a similar process as that of grieving. It’s important that you don’t rush yourself through this and that you give yourself the chance to feel what you feel. It’s the old cliche of taking everyday at a time which is really powerful. At a basic, make sure you eat, sleep and live as healthily as possible and focus on balance. Stress is our enemy, and for me, even 3 years in, I am constantly amazed at how stress and worry manifests itself in unusual ways. Give yourself a little bit of time a day to wallow a bit (I found a 25 minute slot of feeling sorry for myself a day worked!) Then I would put a lid on in and get on with my day. Because the most importeant thing is, we mustn’t forget to live, and worrying about what might happen can start to eat you up and miss out on what’s going on today. Whatever it takes to get you through this period, whether it be counselling, a few too many glasses of wine, accept it for now and know that you will get through it. We all have, and here we all are. Stay strong, keep posting, lots of love x