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After effects of optic neuritis

I know there is lots here about optic neuritis, but I wanted to ask if anyone has had their vision recovered but been left with discomfort ever since. I had ON a year ago and lost partial vision in the eye but it returned within 2 months. However now a year on I Continue to get intermittent but daily sensations in that eye which I can only describe as if I’m wearing swimming goggles pressing on the lower inner part of the eye or I want keep wiping the corner of my eye. I’ve had my eyes tested, so it’s not eye strain. It’s really irritating, altho doesn’t stop me doing anything and I count myself as being very lucky, so not moaning but I’ve only ever read about the ON pain on eye movement not the weird sensations in this eye I’ve been left with, so interested to see if someone else has anything similar. Lastly, I’m just under a year diagnosed and think I’m getting my head around this a bit better now and wanted to say thank you to everyone on this site, as I have found lots of advice and the topics discussed very supportive, as this can be quite isolating for the mind & I always feel stronger after reading the caring & positive responses.



@solo hi ON was my first MS symptom some 20 years ago though I was only diagnosed with RRMS this July. Are you being seen by an ophthalmologist? I developed uveitis shortly after the ON - the sensation was as if someone was pressing on my eyeball, it kind of ached when I moved my eyes. GP said I had conjunctivitis- I didn’t ! Apparently uveitis is quite common with MSers. Anyway I’d get it properly checked out by an ophthalmologist if I were you. As you’re in London you could even fast track this by going directly to St Thomas’ eye emergency dept, or Moorfields Eye A & E on City Road. It may be nothing but I’d err on the side of caution and get it checked out...



@henrietta - hi, thank you for your response. I had been seen by an ophthalmologist at the outset & have never had redness in the eye, but hoping they would have seen uveitis if I had it then. But as my last Ophth. appointment was cancelled due Covid, I will push this week to get it back on again. Thanks again. Have a good Sunday!



Hi My last relapse (Last year ) was mainly Vertigo type symptoms I accept now that my sight it not going to return to normal and sometimes I feel like Marty Feldman - may eyes feel like they are out of my head on storks...had a full eye examination at moor fields and other than an extra gift of glaucoma , there is nothing there Ray



Optic Neuritis was one of my first MS symptoms. It lasted about 3 months but left me without pain,. However, it did have a slight effect with my colour vision. Looking at a piece of white paper with my left eye, it appears to be white. Looking at it with my right eye, it appears to be a very pale grey. With both eyes open, the brain sorts it out as being white (clever things brains).



Hi, I just woke up blind in one eye one morning I was trying to get ready for work.. it scared the sh*t out of me.. but it affected me for two months but sight is back to normal with no damage. I just went straight to the hospital and they didn’t know what to do so they just called the MS team at Preston royal and they just put me on steroids for it. Don’t know if this helps but it’s an Experience that I went through.



Hi @rebeccar07 & @ianh & @ray_thomas thanks for your responses. Clearly everyone gets differences in how they are affected with ON - and agree it’s definitely scary when it just happens. I’ve pretty much got used to the sensation I’ve been left with & am v grateful the sight deficit returned, so will try and give up being too irritated with it, cos that clearly isn’t going to get me anywhere!!



ON was the symptom that lead to my diagnosis. I had problems with colour and pressing sensation on my eyeball , both which improved over a year. Now ,6 years on my eye sight has returned more or less to normal however if I use a laptop for long periods of time or am tired I have shooting pains in my eye and feel the pressure come back.