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Canada disability tax credit

Does anyone have experience with trying to apply for the disability tax credit? I’ve tried to get my family doctor to fill in the paper work and twice now she refused. This last time she suggested that I was lying. It was upsetting and at this point I feel like giving up on the whole thing. Has anyone else gone through this? And have you successfully gotten the tax credit?

Have you tried connecting with the MS nurse through your ms clinic for help? I haven't done it before but it was one of the ways they noted they could help.


Hi @Sienna, we went through the process when my wife had to stop work a decade or so ago. TBH, it was a bigger PITA than it was worth so we gave up. It's always the same issue - how do you objectively prove something that by its nature is subjective. And, if your GP suggested that you're lying, I'd question if she's the GP for you. OTOH I know how hard they are to find. As a fellow Canadian all I can suggest is to join a private clinic if you can afford it. Good luck, @Sienna.