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Newly diagnosed

I was diagnosed in September 22, I’m awaiting the results of my 2nd mri which will determine which type of ms it is, I was just wondering what questions I should be asking my neurologist so I can be fully prepared when I see him

Well... I think i can answer your question. Its been 26 years since i was diagnosed and have seen at least a half dozen Neros. Take a note pad with you... I already know going in im going to miss a question or two..probably five. Lol...make a list. If you are able to narrow down your key questions to 8-10....that works for me... Notifying them that i will be calling the office if i remember a question for them. I have a need for my nero to be interested in me. I pay attention to what they ask me.Do they look at my eyes or the clipboard. ? Do they inquire at least a bit about my individual self...thats my expectation. MS has any combination of symptoms. Im a real breathing person so respect me and ill do the same. I fired two of my neros for failing that simple task. The one nero didnt look up me or off the clipboard... After 12 minutes i got up and left the exam room.. Went to the counter told them i wanted my next appointment with that guys boss...and i want the appointment within two weeks. I got it.okay...it took three weeks. My point is if your guts telling you somethings off...Go with that always. The real big red flag is when they tell you how you feel...hope this helps...if i lived across the pond id go with you... No worries... You got this...


Hi. Apart from which type of MA you have you may want to ask about which DMDs you are eligible for. If you go to the ms decisions tool (Google) and put in your area, you’ll get sn idea of what is available for the different subtypes. You might want to ask about side effects or what the alternatives are if that doesn’t work. How often you’ll be getting mris, how often you’ll be seeing the neuro, will you have a named ms nurse, how often will you see him/her, how will you contact them. You may have symptoms you want to ask them about and how they may be managed, what constitutes a relapse (if you’re RRMS). The more you know yourself the more you can direct your questions and you won’t have much time with the neurologist. The MS nurse is key too as they’ll deal with a lot more of the qs that are important to you day to day. The truth is the second MRI may just be helpful but the type of ms is really decided on clinically. So if you read up on relapsing remitting ms, primary progressive ms, secondary progressive ms, you should have a fair idea of which one you have. Good luck.