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Hi Everyone I was wondering is there a good paying job that accept people with MS? I have learnt some jobs reject people that have MS etc Cause having MS isn't very good for the bank and paying things. Am currently on the sick and am applying for help...lets just says its not easy and sooo STRESSFUL. Am saving up for a house that's gone out the window and am just stuck. So apart from lotto or finding a rich husband is there any tips, advice anywhere p.s Happy 2020 everyone :D

@sarah_graham , I realise that it is difficult. Even though present Disability Discrimination should give us equal opportunity, potential employers can always seem to find a "better candidate". Personally, I've been out of the market for sometime, but I've always wondered whether you could offer an extended trial. That assumes that you were invited for an interview and would offer time to prove that you could do the job. However, if your MS is not noticeable, then there is no need to mention it. The following my provide some tips :- https://support.mstrust.org.uk/file/store-pdfs/Working--studying-with-MS-WEB.pdf Hmmm, Lotto or a rich husband? Well, you have more chance then me! 😉


@sarah_graham I understand the struggles you are having, relating to MS and work.... I had just entered the contract market when I became ill.... as soon as it became apparent it was MS related they let me go.... to be fair as a contactor you have no rights and I had take a few weeks off, but since then its just been a bit of a struggle. once I had recovered to a position where I could work,,, I have been hampered by gaps on my CV which I don't like to tell them are due to my MS , and so its not easy. I don't personally wish to disclose my condition unless it becomes relevant, and besides the time off work, it doesn't impact me.. anyway, I wish you the best of luck, and I am going through another job search now, so an feel the pain. if you do win the lottery, I am single ;)