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Oxygen therapy centre, Exeter, Devon. Reduced rates for MS patients

Hi guys. Another place I have contacted is the MS Oxygen Therapy Centre in Exeter, UK, where they offer heavily reduced rates to MSers. They recommend that your first 20 sessions are as close together as possible (ideally every day Mon-Fri or at least 3 times a week) followed by weekly maintenance appointments. The initial sessions are in the morning around 9:15 so I'm not able to commit as I'm about an hour away and not very mobile in the mornings, but this might be useful to someone on here, so I wanted to share. Contact info here: https://southwestmscentre.co.uk/oxygen-therapy

Hi Samantha, Do you use the hbo therapy? If so what are your thoughts, how do you find it helps? It helped my fatigue and my sleep was greatly improved. I should start doing this again.


Hi @Nute ☺ unfortunately I haven't been able to do them myself. I live around an hour away from this centre and I can't commit to the early mornings and also taking more time out from work to be able to do the initial sessions. If I'm feeling a bit better in a few months I will definitely look into it again. I just wanted to share for anyone nearby to the centre... I didn't even know it was there and had never heard of oxygen therapy! Sounds like it can be effective though in your experience?