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Spring Booster

Just had my Spring Booster 4th jab🥳🥳 Feeling good 👍

Dear @SBGill91, I'm glad to hear it. May I ask, were you invited to come in, or did you just book a jab independently (and if you did, did you have any trouble getting it? I'm assuming, for these purposes, that you're under 75)? I had booked one independently for last Friday, but tested positive for Covid on Wednesday (I also had to cancel my much-delayed annual M.R.I.). I'm classed as "clinically extremely vulnerable, but I dan't know, a) whether I'm automatically entitled to a booster or, b) whether I'll be able to get free l.f.t's after Friday (Need to test negative twice in a row before I can rebook my M.R.I...). Sometimes life just kicks you when you're down... Cheers Jon


Hi Jon, I booked independently and had no trouble at all. Yep under 75 by a good few years.. Sorry to hear you tested positive- seems to be the MS luck (as I call it) kicking in🤦‍♂️. I'm too classed as extremely clinically vulnerable, and to be honest just tried to book the jab as soon as it was released to see if I could get it or not. As you’ve tested positive have you been offered the anti viral infusion? I tested positive a couple of months ago as did my wife and I notified my GP and following that got a call from the local hospital and was invited in the next day to receive the anti-viral infusion… the only thing I can say is that following that I was not as bad as my wife who was in bed for nearly a week feeling like crap, whereas after a few days I felt so much better? Regards the LFT’s not sure, have you tried to order any, as my wife ordered some via the NHS app and land we got a packet within a couple of days earlier this week….. Hope you feel better soon Steve