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tired of being tired

I don’t know where to start I’m just so tired, I feel like I’ve been doing this for my whole life and it’s only been 11 years diagnosed in 2009. I’m 30 now nothing is getting any easier I was approved for HSCT in June and I’ve just heard the news that I won’t be doing it until some point in the New Year there isn’t even a date which is very very frustrating! From Aug to september, October then Dec the world is such a mess! I feel like I can’t complain but life with MS is full of complaints I’m just tired. #tiredofms

Ooo we were diagnosed in the same year. I understand tiredness is very horrible I’m not totally driving so I’m very sorry for you. I recently had the HSCT Treatment so I think I’d have to warn you in regards to the tiredness because the chemotherapy will really knock you out with the park❤️


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