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Hi first time poster here 👋 I suffer with insomnia once or twice a week, which then ruins me the next day. I have read a few posts about tips on falling to sleep but I have no problems there, it’s getting back to sleep after waking up in the night. For me, it’s usually around 4-5am, and I rarely fall back to sleep. Does anyone have any tips on falling asleep after you’ve already slept for 6ish hours? How quickly do sleep tablets kick in and last? Thanks x

Hello @queen_ruso, welcome to Shift. Not being able to sleep is a nightmare for sure. In my case, rather than lay there and get annoyed, I have a stockpile of really good recorded programmes to watch. Also, I take Amitriptyline for headaches, but if you get the timing right, they make you really drowsy and improve sleep. Have you tried downloading anything on your phone - babbling brook, waves on the beach etc, they really help some people. I'm lucky as I work from home and so can compensate my routine if I have a bad night, but it's not always that easy is it. Maybe it's to do with the type of food you eat in the evening? Sorry if I haven't been much help, good luck!


@queen_ruso , there may be something here to help :- https://mstrust.org.uk/life-ms/wellbeing/sleep ? It wouldn't be wise to take sleeping medication in the middle of the night. This could well lead to drowsiness when you get up....