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Sharp stabbing pains and shooting pain

Just sat down and the sharp stabbing pains have started in my thigh at the back ....it feels like I'm being pricked with a needle then the shooting pain follows after going Down bk of my right leg and thigh.... the sharp stabbing pains are horrible coz after it happend in my right leg it also happening round both my knees

It’s the invisible pain that is so infuriating. I know people around me can’t possibly realize what I’m feeling. I saw that you referenced earlier having the icy cold hand symptom. I find that icy cold 🥶 burning feeling to be my worst form of pain. I also have Raynaud’s ; which can turn your fingers and toes white. But I have often wondered whether MS can cause the same type of pain—-especially because my fingers never turn white, as described in Raynaud’s. I think it is temperature dis-regulation in my brain somewhere. Sometimes I’m burning so cold and I’ll take my temperature and only be at 96 degrees F. So I know something is legitimately wrong. I’m sorry that you are experiencing the pain. Sometimes I feel like coping with this pain for so long has suppressed my emotions. There are times when I want to cry—know I should be crying—-and can’t—either during a sad movie, or death of a friend or loved one, or similar sad event. I feel like MS is to BLAME for this as well! I hope you get some relief so that you can enjoy the upcoming holidays! Feel free to chat anytime.


@Criscross21 wen my fingers and hand go icy cold my fingers do go white with a pins n needle sensation it's horrible I deal with the pain tremendously well I've a high pain threshold so it helps wen I get to that point where I want to cry I just think I've gone trough Labour pain 5 times so this MS pain can do one lol thank u same to u aswell .