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Tecfidera in Ireland cost

Hi everyone, After a few weeks of weighing up which treatment to go for, I decided on Tecfidera. I went to the pharmacy on Friday and he told me the Tecfidera would be quite costly (although he did not know how much exactly for some reason). He asked my circumstances and I told me I am currently an unemployed teachers and on social welfare. He advised me my best options would be to apply for a medical card or to get it through the long term illness scheme. Still, he wasn't sure if Tecfidera is def available through these options. I'm just wondering if anyone in Ireland knows the best way and cheapest way to get Tecfidera and the exact costs involved. Thanks :)

@Phillip , give the MS Society a call. They'll know the answers :- http://www.ms-society.ie/home


Tecfidera is completely free under the long term illness scheme,I've been receiving it since March.