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Have been in Hospital..... Again.

Was in hospital yet again recently, not an infection this time but, a Fall due to minimal strength in my legs and Spasms.

Oh £&@*ing ‘ell that sounds annoying. Was it a really bad fall? There is nothing worse. What happened? I was worried last Friday when i did a positive Covid test and couldn’t move my legs. The gp visited and said I might have to go to hospital for a steroid infusion but luckily I didn’t because apparently Covid can cause a massive flare up but no steroids will help. I am feeling stronger today on day but still isolating til Wednesday, 3 of us out of family of 4 are positive now. I thought Covid had gone but it’s still alive and kicking!!!


@Helen_Weeks Hi no, the fall itself was not too bad at all really more of a self inflicted, have no other option but to throw myself to the floor here, both me legs froze up on me could not even force a twitch out of them. Back home now though, trying my best to stay of my feet as much as possible and rest. I thought Covid was a thing of the recent past to be honest, never had it that I know of. Hope you and your family can battle through it.