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Cognition Impairment - Can it heal?

Hi everyone, I just got my cognition testing results back. I have borderline impairment in: 1. Digits Forward and Digits BAckwqrd (visio spatial, central executive, phonological loop) 2. Attention Quotient (auditory, Visual) 3. Boston Naming Test 4. Visio-Spatial / Perceptual Skills 5. RBANS Line Orientation Test I'm American, so these may not be familiar for some of you. For those of you who have had similar cognitive testing results, have you been able, over time, to improve them, to rehabilitate? I have decided to take at least the next year off to heal and rehabilitate. I worked in financial services, so having these deficiencies hurts. And in the day to day, I do notice my poor short term memory and trouble concentrating. Thank you all for your very thoughtful responses. I very much appreciation them. You are all my Trans-Atlantic MS brothers and sisters camrades in arms! Fight the good fight....God speed. PatOMS

I appreciate your problems in this respect, @patoms . But, once we have acknowledged a problem, then we can start managing it effectively. Good luck with this. And keep fighting.


Hi there @patoms. I know some of these tests through my work in education. I regard myself as a reasonably able and intelligent person, but let me tell you, even before MS, I used to flunk visuospatial and digit recall tests! I have never had those strengths, so don’t beat yourself up about the results. Also, The process of growing older will have an impact on these faculties. And, my husband is fit, well and healthy but since turning 50 his memory has caused some issues! I find that playing word games on my tablet for 15 minute bursts really helps keep my adeptness up, even when I was having a relapse. Or singing along to songs you love. Or, even maintaining lists and then checking them off really helps connect you to life and purpose when you are feeling drained and poorly. It’s the simple things, just like me, really! X