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Looking for a job in the UK

Hi all. I'd like to know if we have to disclose to the employer that we have MS prior to signing the contract? I've been at the same company for 11 years but starting to look for jobs in London. Would l like to hear about your experience in looking for another job. Thank you!

@Natalia_Barbosa Not that I am aware, unless asked specifically during your interview. Go out and start job hunting. I wasn't when I changed jobs, but I did disclose it once I was employed as I work in a high rise building so I needed to let the Health & Safety people know. I work on a needs to know basis, only those that need to know about my MS get told, otherwise I keep it to myself.


@AndreaG Thank you so much Andrea for taking the time to share your experience with me. Working on a needs to know basis is how I've been managing and hopefully will continue this way ;-)