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Hi there 😀First time posting on here! Just wondering if anyone on Intramuscular Plegridy (as opposed to subcutaneous) and if anyone gets pains in thighs/legs? Been on this treatment for about a year, side effects not great ☹️, but leg pains in particular getting worse. Wondered if anyone else was able to share how they get on with Plegridy? I was switched from the subcut version to see if it might have helped with side effects, but doesn’t seem to be 😢 Thank you for any advice/help 😊 x

I do, I was changed from Capaxone due to reactions to Plegridy intramuscular. I'm 3 injections in. The 2 short doses were fine and then I took the first full dose. It changed my temperament, I have never been so tired and everything hurt. My legs felt like they belonged yo Paula Radcliffe after several marathons! I have been assured that it may be a one off and it will get better. I inject this coming Friday and quite frankly bricking it. Xx