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So I start tysabri this week…anything I should know or prepare for?

Make sure you drink plenty so your veins are full. Makes finding the veins and infusion go better. Take something to distract you as in a book or a film. We had a TV at my infusion ward. Which meant I spent a lot of time watching the clock behind the TV, which in turn made me anxious. Mainly dobt worry about it. Did over ten years of tysabri and it worked for me very well. No relapse and no real progression.


Hi, I had my first tysabri treatment about 2 weeks ago. Drinking plenty was suggested by a lot of people and did help! So drink lots of wate and orange juice (probably because I like OJ). Also, I found that I felt cold about a third way through, so take a coat or a jacket, something to keep you warm. I took snacks but didn't feel like eating them and I felt sleepy but I suppose everyone will react differently.i was on my phone majority of the time, so charge up! Hope it goes well for you.