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‘Continence Service’ experience in lockdown?

Hi, Niche request but am talking at a neurology conference re my own experience having a sensitive op recently (Suprapubic catheter, eek), but also wanting to feed back other MSer’s experience, good or bad. Topic would be support you have (or haven’t!) received during lockdown on all things bladder and bowels.

@MarkWebb , I'm frustrated by the impact of this pandemic. I'm on Botox injections into my bladder, which needs to be repeated every 6 months or so. It was due around February, so somewhat overdue now! I do chase every so often, but I feel I'm p***ing against the wind, to quote an apt saying!


@MarkWebb Was due to get ISCT training with a view to receive Botox in March . This was cancelled & no further communication to date. In addition support appointment in June from Continence nurse converted to phone app then cancelled. Rescheduled for January 2021 .