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Ms feet

Guys girls i need some advice please im waking up every morning with a burning sensation in my feet most day im awake by 5:30 either fully submerged in the bath not a hot one either or im sitting on my bath board with just my feet in the tub of cool water anyone else have this issue. X

I have this at the moment - soles of the feet feel like they are sunburnt / tight, etc. Only diagnosed last Friday so trying to get some tips from people here on how to manage symptoms. Does the water bath work well? I'll have to try that. I find fluffy socks and padded slippers help but then there are days when I have to go out to work and am on my feet a lot... Any other things you've found that help? .


Not a solution for the times they burn, but I noticed mine felt like an iron was being pressed against them in the early hours of the morning when I had eaten certain inflammatory foods. Maybe keep a log of foods and activities to see I there's a link? It's painful, so I hope you're able to manage it soon 🤞