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So what would be considered a relapse? Is it any new symptom or when you have severe symptoms? Sorry if dumb question. I'm more to this all. I was doing pretty good for a while but the past few days have been tough. Only way to describe it is that I honestly have no energy. I know I need to get stuff done but I just physically and mentally can't. I'm beyond exhausted. It's tiring standing. It's tiring thinking. It's tiring talking. Uhhh I'm just so tired

No it’s not a dumb question hun it’s sensible I’m not sure either 🤷‍♀️ my ms nurse said if o was to have a relapse it would incopasitate me


Hello @Leannakamstra, that's a good question. I've been diagnosed 4 years now and still don't understand that. There is an explanation on the MS Society website. My neuro once told me 'When you have a relapse, you'll know.....' I think that exacerbations are caused when something has triggered symptoms; for example, if you overdo things, or don't get enough sleep. Or if you have a cold. Sorry if I'm not helping! If you have a new symptom you should let your MS nurse/team know.