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Bladder and bowel troubles ?

Sorry for a rather crude set of questions.........but...... I'm having a lot of difficulty getting the muscles to relax so I can go to the toilet......l'm pretty much numb down there.......any experience of this out there..........??

Hi there, I had this trouble when I was newly diagnosed, so kept going to the toilet every hour or so to avoid an accident while I was still numb, luckily I got most of my feeling back, but because I'm not as active, therefore not as regular, I take a supplement called Metemucil (I'm in Australia, but you may have something similar wherever you are) Hope you get some answers soon :-)


I've experienced the numbness too. It lasted about a month and meant that although I could feel when I needed to go, I couldn't actually feel what was going on once I sat down! Luckily after about four weeks the feeling gradually returned so I didn't take any medication for it, but just thought I'd reassure you that you're not alone.x