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Good morning everybody I knew to the group and I would love to talk

When I'm having trouble being mobile what are the best workouts that I can think of? I work out everyday and I never skip leg day lol

Welcome mate!! Lots of ideas here https://overcomingms.org/latest/create-your-own-oms-exercise-planner I have tried various approaches and settled on something that works for me: walks and bike rides (when I can), weights, resistance bands, yoga type exercises. Vary it, keep it fun!


Hi! Yoga helps a lot, specially with balance / fatigue issues. I do 20 min of yoga, 5 times a week. Find a good short series that fits you, based on your level or capabilities, and stick to it, adding or adjusting some asanas depending on how you feel each day. As the days pass, you will start seeing progress and gaining confidence. I hope it works for you too :)