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Random or triggers?

Had a real down day yesterday ... been struggling with weak and wobbly legs and brain fog and fatigue at work... I can go days and weeks feeling normal... then randomly I'm MSsey ... anyone else have complete randomness or should I be looking harder for a trigger?

This is definitely my experience too. But there are a few triggers that I have identified. 1. Periods - our body temperature rises so MS symptoms can suddenly appear. But you can take paracetamol to get your temp down again. 2. Stress - if people or events cause me to stress I can feel more symptoms. This could be MS or stress symptoms - it is hard to tell the difference. 3. Overdoing it - I need to remind myself to take breaks. Powering on through it leads to wobbly feelings.


I find that I "cycle" through my symptoms. OK for a couple of weeks, then there is a little flare of something, lasts a couple of days and I go back to my "normal". Everything mentioned above as well. I know when I am stressed as my face goes numb.