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Working out?

Hello lovely people! As you helped me before I need your help once again. As we all know, fitness and working out is a big part of dealing with MS but there is a few things that I dont understand. I have days where my hand and leg are weak and I am not sure should I still work out on those days or should I just skip them? What kind of workouts do you suggest? I am a little bit lost because I dont know how to start this fitness journey and what to expect (I still consider myself a newbie). Thank you so much in advance! All the best, Karmen

@karmenms , little and often is the mantra. I do know how you feel though. Different times of the day seems to suggest I have a different pair of legs. Some pairs work, some don't! :???:


@ karmenms i think "the little and often mantra" is correct. its much better to start and be consistent, than go too hard too quick and not be able to maintain it start with the basics - i am not sure you current symptoms - but i had to focus on balance for first few months... and then i moved onto basic cardio - and now running/rowing and doing weights. but took 6 months of going for 45mins 3/4 times a week if you can get a personal trainer, even for a short period, i would consider it an investment. if you can't, then perhaps you have friends/family who are into fitness, who could help, and be motivating partners in going together. if you nurse/ doctors say its safe to train with the symptoms you have? then i would say, you can push yourself, as long as you don't overdo it.. not easy to know how much that is,, but you will learn with time. plus i bet you'll get addicted eventually. i have! i lost 12kg in a year.. and feel great for it.. message me if you want any specifics on things. best of luck.