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Good morning fellow MSers🙂

Do any if you experience insane itchy, pins and needles numbness in your feet? An itch you cannot stop, I lose my mind scratching so bad there are blisters in the morning. I have read that the more the scratch at a MS itch the worse it gets and you have to do your best to ignore but can't seem to do that lol. I have been using ice to numb them before bed to try and get some sleep but any suggestions would be wonderful 🤔

Tapping rather than itching sudocrem for ur sores, mittens for sleeping to stop subconscious itching firstly. Secondly 2 ways to approach it that makes sense to me it’s either nerve damage/sensory issues or it’s skin - ssssooo is it linked to ur meds in any way do a diary & try to identify a pattern. Then formulate plan of action I.e if sensory/nerves talk to gp or ms nurse & go down the change meds or treatment for meds routes. Depending on issue antihistamines, skin creams or nerve meds like gabapentin, amitypitaline, pregablin etc Hope this makes sense & u find something to help soon!!!!!!!! Take care of urself, chin up, ass out & keep waddling/propelling!!!!! 😉🤞💪👍


I did not know the more you scratch the worse it can get! The itching I get all over drives me crazy and it is so uncomfortable. My feet tend to burn instead of itch and I use deep freeze cooling gel, it is magic! I think that could help with your itchy feet too!