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Access to work?

Hi, i just wondered if anyone has applied for access to work before and would be willing to share their experience of doing so? Thanks :)

Hi JSB... I have applied for access to work about a year ago. The process itself isn't too onerous. The main docs are your pop letter and a form that your gp needs to complete. It takes a bit of time (much as most other processes). Once successful, I was asked to submit a few quotes from local taxi companies so they can work out your allowance for period awarded (2 or 3 years). Use it to get partial reimbursement (not all of it) for taxi journeys to work as the transport connections aren't great. Keep in mind that you pay yourself and claim with receipts later. Again, there is about a month's difference from the journey so make sure you suit claims promptly. They will need to be signed by your line manager. That is my experience... Hope it has shed some light =)


Lol - pip letter