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Pregnant, MS and a teacher....AHHH

Hello lovely people, I was looking for some company/chats around teaching and MS or pregnancy and MS. I'm currently in a relapse and struggling with fatigue and as a consequence, loneliness. If anyone is in Leeds and fancies meeting up, let me know. Thanks in advance! X

I had a bout of what they said was ON in my 2nd trimester but they weren't certain of the safety of an MRI for a fetus and since it wasn't impacting my vision horribly or causing pain we just waited it out and it resolved in the 3rd trimester as MS symptoms typically do. You don't say how many weeks you are at but there are many documented cases where MS issues remit in the third trimester. In my first trimester when I first started seeing a prenatal nurse she asked me if I felt more tired and I said that I felt like I was always wading through mud! I was usually pretty high energy and was feeling so drained. She said there were a few things going on...my baby was taking a lot of my energy and I had to rest more and the hormones in the first trimester would just naturally slow me down ;-) I am also always pretty high in iron but she put me on an iron supplement anyway (as done typically I guess) and that would help. What it did was cause constipation! so they she moved me to "Slow FE" a slower release version...may have been prescription back then and with that my iron was maintained and I was more comfortable ;-) I bet if you click the "pregnancy" tag on your entry there will be many hits and hopefully their experiences help ;-) I'd love to meet up but am in the US ;-)