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Vacations and heat

Hi all! I’m giving myself things to look forward to in this new year. I would love to go to Hawaii. Any tips on dealing with heat intolerance? I live in the northern US so it’s pretty mild or cold most of the year. It does get hot in the summer, but I would love any and all tips so I can actually live a little this summer rather than feeling stuck indoors. Do you have anything fun planned for 2023?! Would love to hear about that too! Cheers to the new year!

@Ematt0426 a cooling neck wrap does wonders when I need one. Last one I got was from copaxone. You can find them online no problem. Happy new year.


Not everyone is affected by heat. I went on holiday abroad in September for a week and I felt no different at all in the heat….and boy it was hot! I hope to go abroad again next year :)