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Any teachers?

Hello all, Just wondering if there are any teachers in the house? Would love to connect! I’m a full time elementary school teacher and I’m just trying to make it through the school year. 😅🫠🧡

I was a middle school teacher until MS wiped me out. I miss It but could never go back because of the severity of my symptoms. So stupid lol I have am on DMD Kesimpta. I relapsed within the first 3 months of tecfidera. I have To look at my reports to see how large the lesion was. I had To have a brain biopsy when they saw MRI. THEY weren’t sure what it was. It was majority of occipital & moved into the parietal lobe. I have Facial blindness & cannot be in overstimulating places & can only drive a limited number of places. These are the lingering symptoms. I have Definitely improved. The list of things that happened is super long. And since it was so much that’s why I went In & was a severe case


I am in the process of leaving after 25 years so I'm probably the worst person to talk to! The stress levels have dropped though and many of the symptoms are improving. I've made my peace with it and will never go back.....took some time to realise this but now I can crack on with other exciting things!! Good luck to you!