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Trapped nerve or muscle spasms

Hi everyone! I’ve previously suffered from altered sensations being numbness and pins and needles in both my hands and legs/feet. The last two weeks my arm has felt quite heavy and slightly numb in two of my fingers and my back/shoulder blade hurts so much. It’s kind of a dull pain but will occasionally spasm and cause shooting pain. I’m not sure if this is MS or something else as I’ve never had it before, has anyone else experienced similar and was there anything that helped it?

Yes,I do sometimes have the same.Up to now ,I haven't found anything to help .But I found it comes and goes and I'm just learning to live with it .But I do think my gabapentin helps just take edge of the pain.


Thank you for sharing, it’s driving me mad! I have asked my nurse if they will be able to prescribe me with some pain relief. Was this relapse related for you?