The MS Register Needs You!

If you go to www.ukmsregister.org and log in, you will find some questionnaires waiting for you. Three reasons to log on 1) Answering every six months helps us build a snapshot of you over time 2) You can also see your own answers over time, and you can use the MS Register as a diary/log 3) You are directly contributing your experiences to MS Research in the UK – helping researchers understand what it is like to live with MS in the UK today. So, when you can, make a cup of tea, sit down somewhere comfortable, log in and answer. We want to make sure we capture as many people’s experiences as possible. The questionnaires close on the 6th April. Please log on here https://ukmsregister.org/Account/Login When you log in you will be automatically taken through an update of your personal details before you reach the questionnaires. Here is a video on what you can expect to find in this Spring window. https://youtu.be/lVU2DTs31IQ Thank you very much for your continued participation. Regards Katie and the UK MS Register Team [Disclosure: I am on the Operational Delivery Committee of the UK MS Register. I am reposting this as a favour to them.]