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No money = no giving = no problem

@givingtuesday There are other ways we can help. A key one is donating our brains and spinal cords to the MS Tissue Bank. Only this weekend I heard Dr G DeLucas explaining how his research into MS would not be possble without donors. https://www.mssociety.org.uk/research/explore-our-research/research-we-fund/search-our-research-projects/ms-society-tissue-bank It is free and easy to do.

@dominics absolutely. Support is not just about donations. We know that if it wasn't for The Energy, a lot of our projects simply wouldn't get done. Think about MS Reps... You can meet some of our amazing volunteers here https://shift.ms/meet-our-volunteers


@dominics I'll sign up to the tissue bank, what a great idea. But under one strict proviso. I do not want to be dug up by Baldrick or any of his successors in any shape or form. But I'm up for the rest. Keep smiling