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MS Hug / AKA Toothless Sharkbite

Is the MS hug/grip/corset feeling something that gets worse over time? Does anybody have this around their middle back? Last year, I started feeling what was a very slight tightness around my middle back. It was only occasional and typically only noticeable after dinner. It only lasted for about an hour. Yesterday, I felt a tighter grip around the same area which lasted from the middle of the afternoon and then got very strong after dinner, lasting until I fell asleep. I felt like I had been bitten (or at least gripped) by a giant toothless shark. Has anyone’s doctor explained what this sensation means either in terms of nerve damage or MS progression?

Sorry you’re having the hugs. They’re horrible. My neuro and nurses explained to me that the muscles in my rib cage go into spasm. I used to have a lot but thankfully most were just annoying (with the occasional very bad ones). Now I get them about once a fortnight. I hope you find relief soon.


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