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Numbness getting worse?

When I had my first flareup back in August, last year, my middle, ring and little finger felt numb. They felt like this constantly from August and I’ve never had full feeling back. They really hurt too, but I’m on gabapentin for the pain and that helps. Since last month, my little finger on my right hand felt a lot more numb and this morning I’ve noticed that the one next to it is more numb too. I’m not panicking because the weather here in the UK is hot at the minute and maybe my finger this morning is just a reaction to the heat. But with my little finger being a lot number than my other fingers for over a month now and getting worse, I wonder if my lesion is still active and damage is still happening? Especially as the finger next to it is now being affected. Should I call my MS team or just see what happens when the hot weather goes? This is all very new to me and I never know what to ignore on what to take notice of.

Just a little update that I contacted the Nurse on the Trial that I’m on and she’s calling me this afternoon. I may be going to the hospital for a review tomorrow or Friday to see if it’s a relapse.


I think it is a bit of a relapse, just chill out and try not to stress too much put some relaxing music on put your feet up relax.....