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Blurred vision in Right Eye

So I'm in a difficult situation and I'm just wanting to know how seriously I should take this. I have RRMS and was put on Gilenya (Fingolimod) over a year ago now. I am currently in Finland on an Erasmus exchange and in my last week. Yesterday I suddenly had a slight blurriness in my right eye. It's been really sunny and I thought maybe I'd caught the sun in it but it is still there today it gets better if I close my eyes for a bit or have a brief nap but soon returns to being blurry. I am able to see fine, it's more offputting than restricting. Now I return to England on the 30th May and have my 3 monthly appointment on the 6th June, and I've read online that the blurred vision is something that happens to most people with RRMS and usually passes within a few weeks. I'm worried about going to hospital and missing my hours (currently in my final few months of studying to be a mental health nurse) and especially worried about going to hospital in Finland. Is this imperative enough that I should seek medical attention immediately or am I ok to wait 2 weeks to see my consultant? Thanks