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Blurred vision in Right Eye

So I'm in a difficult situation and I'm just wanting to know how seriously I should take this. I have RRMS and was put on Gilenya (Fingolimod) over a year ago now. I am currently in Finland on an Erasmus exchange and in my last week. Yesterday I suddenly had a slight blurriness in my right eye. It's been really sunny and I thought maybe I'd caught the sun in it but it is still there today it gets better if I close my eyes for a bit or have a brief nap but soon returns to being blurry. I am able to see fine, it's more offputting than restricting. Now I return to England on the 30th May and have my 3 monthly appointment on the 6th June, and I've read online that the blurred vision is something that happens to most people with RRMS and usually passes within a few weeks. I'm worried about going to hospital and missing my hours (currently in my final few months of studying to be a mental health nurse) and especially worried about going to hospital in Finland. Is this imperative enough that I should seek medical attention immediately or am I ok to wait 2 weeks to see my consultant? Thanks

Hmmm, this is a slightly difficult question to answer, simply because of my own actions that I took during the course of 16 optic neuritis attacks, loss of vision in one eye for 6 months and double vision in addition. Namely, nothing! However, in retrospect was that a wise course of action to take, I would reflect, probably not, particularly the complete loss of vision episode. The norm is to receive a course of steroids for what is deemed to be a "disabling relapse". They will speed the rate of recovery but not the final outcome thereof. The positive news is that my eyes recovered fully after each relapse. However, there are many who were not so fortunate. Ultimately, the decision is as to whether you consider this to be sufficiently disabling to attend a foreign hospital etc. I sustained a head injury on holiday 2 years ago on my first night of a 2 week holiday abroad. It precipitated the most horrendous double vision and a relapse rendering me unable to walk (I had been climbing hills a week before!). The hotel dr obviously checked my Neuro functions as I asked them to, but despite much pressure, I declined the 4 hour trip to the hospital for an MRI and steroids as I was of the view that as I usually refuse them here, why would I do so when I had just reached my foreign destination with all the ensuing huge inconvenience and expense? Was that a sensible decision, I cannot say. I am not attempting to deter you from seeking aid at all, I hasten to add, I'm simply sharing my vast experience on ON and other sight issues with you. If I can assist further, pls PM or message me here. Good luck!


Hi @chazwick and welcome. Have you suffered with any visual problems with your MS in the past? Optic Neuritis is a common problem with MS, https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/optic-neuritis . It could be the start of a relapse, which suggests that a course of high dosage steroids are required. Alternatively, you need to rest up whilst you allow yourself to recover from this development. If you are involved in a high stress situation at present, this could be the cause.