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metaphysical meaning behind MS

Hi all, I have PPMS. Whilst looking for answers today, I came across the following page https://misahopkins.com/metaphysical-meaning-behind-multiple-sclerosis/ and wondered what others thought of her beliefs? I also read the replies on the page from people with MS and was interested to see if any of you can relate.

@carmen_belton , they do say that "a fool and their money are easily parted". They also say that "if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is"! Having MS puts us in a big marketing group, who can be vulnerable to many claims. We just have to be careful that we're not being take advantage of. But, this is a personal opinion. There are MSers with various faiths and beliefs, as MS does not differentiate. So, it's your choice whether you feel that this person is selling something you want or they are just in the business of making a profit.


Hi stumbler, I so hear you! and am astounded at the prices they charge. What I was curious about on this page though was whether our thoughts, emotional or spiritual needs or beliefs are affecting our cells. I had never looked at MS from this prospective before and just wanted to explore and hear what others with MS thought or felt.