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‘But you don’t look sick!’ What does MS look like?!

New poll alert! Take part and tell me how you think society views MS in 2023 👇 *Bonus points if you can leave a comment and let me know: have you ever been told you look too well/young/happy to have MS?

Do you think most people today have misconceptions of what someone with MS looks like?

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A lady at the store a few weeks back told me that I was blessed to not be TRULY disabled 🙄


During COVID, I was eligible for the vaccine before most other people my age because I was classed as clinically vulnerable. When I arrived, the guy stood outside the centre treated me like a bouncer would outside a nightclub, hella suspicious. I showed him the letter, he looked me up and down and said 'MS? At your age? You're too young for that aren't you?'. He then let me in. Too young to put up with your s**t my friend!