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Not so nice to meet you MS

Hello friends, My name is Austin & my recent diagnosis has my brain completely twisted up. I am really hoping to find knowledge and support through this forum. I know not how to handle such a curveball in life… google can only say so much to me… i hope to find peoples with personal experiences to share… advice to share… hell i will take anything right now.

Welcome to the site. I am sure people here are knowledgeable about MS and will always try and help. Or at the least empathise.


Hey bud and welcome, I agree, what a massive curve ball an MS diagnosis is! I'm about a year into my diagnosis now and my advice going forward is: Go easy on the Google searches - I'd recommend using here and your MS team as your source of info. Be kind to yourself, make it your priority to relax and avoid stress. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I'd recommend looking up the OMS book and website. Some excellent evidence based information to be found there. And again try not to stress, drink lots of water, rest, meditate, eat good, stretch every morning and night, avoid copious amounts of alcohol and other stimulants - the help they give is sooo temporary and you'll end up feeling a lot worse after. Consider taking a Vit D supplement. Don't be afraid, we've got you and you've got this!! Everything will come together slowly but surely. Have a great day and feel free to get in touch if you want to chat 😁