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Work life balance

At the moment my fatigue is through the roof. I am currently working full time but spend most of the weekends in bed or on the couch. I’ve thought about reducing my hours and doing a 9 day fortnight for a while but I’m not sure if this would help me. Has anyone found reducing their work hours beneficial for fatigue levels? Thanks x

Hi @annie_edlington. I was the same as you last year; my whole week was structured to accommodate 5 days a week working, by writing the weekend off. Actually, that's not what is called making the most of life. No-one wants a drop in income, so I had to make lots of changes but ended up this year working two days, and one at home. Now it means I can actually have really nice weekends that I enjoy, rather than be consumed by feeling knackered. So, less money, but totally worth it!


@ annie_edlington. I cut my hours to 3days, 6 years ago after struggling with doing shopping, housework etc at the weekend..Life completely changing. I now work mon-wed. Thursday is 'recharged the battery' day, where I just do nothing. Then I've got more energy for the things at the weekend!