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MS Awareness Week

#MSmakesme determined to do everything I can to stay healthy, and grateful for all the little things I took for granted before MS. It’s MS Awareness Week in the UK. Is anyone doing anything special this week? Some MS charities are sharing this hashtag to raise awareness. ☺️

Ms trust has a live stream on Wednesday that anyone can sign up for on the website but I’m working unfortunately but check it out and a couple of individuals on here are spreading awareness via Facebook and future sports events.


MS Awareness Week takes place 24 – 30 April This year, we’re teaming up with The MS Society, Overcoming MS, MS Together, Shift.ms, MS-UK and MS National Therapy Centres to shine a brighter light on MS, than ever before. Together we can make our voices louder! We're highlighting the diverse reality of mental health and living with MS. This is where you come in! Throughout the week we’d love you to use the hashtag #MSMakesMe to tell us how MS makes you feel. For example, “#MSMakesMe frustrated” or “#MSMakesMe brave”. The whole community can get involved, whether you live with MS yourself, or you’re a friend, family member, carer or healthcare professional – you’re invited to join the conversation! Share your video or photo on social media and tag us in your posts.