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Glasgow, Scotland - Newly Diagnosed

Hi, looking for some specific ms buddies here. I was diagnosed at the end of September. I haven’t yet been given a date to see an MS nurse or clinic. What length of time did people wait recently to be seen initially ? #newlydiagnosed #treatment #glasgow

I was diagnosed in September 2020 and seen by MS neurologist in January 2021. I don’t know what the waiting times are like now but hopefully you should get seen and on some treatment soon. If you don’t hear anything I would contact the hospital to chase it up.


So I was diagnosed at Christmas and they told me up to April or May. I got so frustrated with symptoms that I started calling doctors all over the place. Sometimes 3 hours or more away. And you would think that in a biggish city (Austin TX) there would be a number of available doctors but not my experience at all. In fact the 3 doctors that the hospital referred me to were NOT taking any new patients. I ended up finding a doctor through Baylor Scott and White (hospital system in a smallish town.. go figure) and my first consult is next week which is one 1/2 month from diagnosis (not terrible). My next step would have been University of Texas because they had a couple of options in March. I was told that Universities are a good pool of doctors if all else fails. Students who are studying the field of Auto-immune related neurology. The specialty is clearly important because not all neurologist see MS patients. Maybe if you have a large University nearby you should try that? Not sure where you are though? Plus, I'm told the doctors are more inclined to look into areas that some of the more traditional docs may not. Like hormones and nutrition rather than just straight up DMT meds. Not sure how your system/area works though so may not be much help?