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Cognitive deficits advice

I’ve realised since my diagnosis my cognitive ability has decreased drastically! Does anyone have any techniques or exercises they do that help ?



I use brain games on my phone. Sudoku, crosswords, word searches, etc. I do easy levels just to keep Me interested. Good luck.



The best thing is to keep your brain busy. I noticed a decline in my cognitive abilities recently and since have picked up reading again and learning the piano. I also play a lot of games on my phone and my ps4 that require quick-thinking, co-ordination etc. Since starting to read again, in particular, I feel more "with it" than I have in years. I find conversation easier with less pauses, less difficulty finding words and my vocabulary is better, too. As the saying goes, "If you don't use it, you lose it". Hope this helps.



@a_girls_gotta_eat Like islandcat says keep your mind active with puzzles such as crosswords etc, it's all good stimulus even in small doses.



I'm sitting doing a word search and I started to write mini short stories. I have a routine of writing things in a notebook and updating a paper diary at a later date it keeps me disciplined in actually doing what I talk about but don't actually remember. Before diagnosis I was bad for being all talk and no action. These methods help



Arrow word books



I haven't found anything yet. Anytime I try new things i find it almost impossible to focus and stick at. My mind gets distracted so easily by other things



@a_girls_gotta_eat - I say to folks, “i have all my marbles, it’s just that they’re moving very slowly and the same applies to my speech-it’s slow too.” xx