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Ankle rolling - any ideas??

I have not been officially diagnosed with MS yet, but I am pretty confident that is what is happening to me. Over the past 10 years I have had odd episodes with my right leg where I would have stabbing pains that would go away after 2-3 weeks. I never really worried about it since they seemed to clear up. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and now my right leg is tired, I have the foot drop and lack coordination in that leg. The leg is still strong, but it is like an obstinate child and won't listen!!! The last few days my ankle has been rolling. It probably doesn't help that I only wear Danskos for shoes and they offer absolutely no ankle support. Has anyone ever used an ankle brace? I am even thinking of buying some good lace up boots to see if that would help. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

@aliza1999 , you do need something to give your ankle some support. Boots would provide some support, as would a bandage or an elasticated support. It would also be advisable to seek the services of a neuro-physio to suggest some exercises to try and build up some more strength in your lower leg.


@Stumbler, Thanks for the post. I am wearing an elasticized support brace but it doesn't seem to be helping. It was a cheap "let's try this out" brace, so I think I will look for something beefier. I have a meeting tomorrow with the Neurologist so I will mention this to him.