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No change in MRI so why am I unhappy?

Am I crazy? I just got my annual MRI back, official read is no significant change. So why am I feeling worse? Fatigue and pain, worsening numbness, tingling, balance off. Or, am I just magnifying all my old symptoms in my head? How can I feel so bad and look seemingly so good? I need some grounding from others here!

@rivka , we all look good. MS is an invisible condition, until we do something which shows off our weaknesses. We can suffer residual damage from past relapses. The symptoms of this damage may be with us 24/7, or you may just become aware of it in circumstances where you are over-tired, or stressed, etc.. It's your body trying to tell you to slow down or lighten up. It does take time to learn about your new body. So, be happy with the latest MRI results.


Thanks @stumbler, I needed to hear that. In my previous life, I never took the time to stop and sit down, I always pushed and achieved. Now, I don’t want to stand up.