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Pregabalin - good or bad

Hi, I have secondary progressive MS. I have stiffness in my legs and feet and also pain in my legs and feet. I have tried Baclofen and Gabapentin but had issues with both of these when I started increasing the dose. My MS nurse has now suggested pregabalin and I am taking 2 x 75mg tablets a day. I feel dreadful - extremely tired and my balance (which isn't good anyway) is much worse. My GP advised me to give my body 2 weeks to adjust to the drug. I've been on it for just over a week now and if anything I feel worse. Does anyone have any advise? Thank you..!

Hi @louisa , OK, you've been on Gabapentin for neuropathic pain and Baclofen for spasticity. And, now you've switched the Gabapentin for Pregabalin. Gabapentin is the first line medication for neuropathic pain - it's cheaper than Pregabalin! But, some reckon that Pregabalin is the better drug. Yes, hang in there with the Pregabalin. Your body is getting used to this drug and a couple of weeks is normally required. That should make the drowsiness better. As for the balance issues, Baclofen is a double-edged sword. It is a muscle-relaxant, which addresses the spasticity, but relaxed muscles are just not good for balance. It's a case of finding the dose which gives you a good balance of relieving the spasticity, without adversely affecting your balance. So, stick with the Pregabalin and have a word with your MS Nurse about the possibility of reducing the Baclofen. Hope this helps.


Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not taking baclofen at the moment but think I need some thing for the spacticity. I'll maybe stick with the pregabalin for now but it does make me nervous that I might fall to be honest..! Cheers